Sunday, December 13, 2015

Meat and Cheese Tray to Save Money

Save Money on Meat and Cheese Tray

With all the ocasions to take a dish to parties and gatherinings the cost of providing food adds up.
The best bet is to always make your own dish to save money.  When you decide to bring a meat and cheese tray the cost can add up to quite a bit.

What I did was go to the local thrift shop and purchased a tray for $1.50.  Brought it home and wiped it down with a disenfectent wipe then put it in the dishwasher.

Next I went to my local grocery store and purchased a nice lettuce to put down as a base for color.
Then I picked up four packs of lunch meat and two packs of cheese.  The cheese you will need to cut yourself.  To go on the side I picked up some whole grain crackers.  I put a small dish of ranch dressing in the center of the cracker tray.
All of this cost me less the $35.00.  If you bought the meat tray ready made it would cost you $60.00 and up.  I did take the time to wash and prepare the lettuce and cut the other topings but it was well worth it.

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