Monday, June 11, 2018

Mother - Daughter Trip

My Daughter and I Visited The Redwood Forest

We started out going over the Golden Gate Bridge

This is one of the pot shops.  We just had to get a photo.

People put money and other gift's in the hands.

What a good carving.

This is a photo from the sun roof.

This is a big tree.

Fun photo.

We drove through tree's.

We looked in tree houses.

We walked in the park.

We enjoyed the wildlife.

We walked to overlooks and had a few pick nick's.

We drove through more trees.

 We played in the forest.

My daughter did exercise and stretches.

 We walked on fallen trees.

 We enjoyed the river.

 We climbed on top of fallen trees as well as up hills.

 We enjoyed the work of God.

 We experienced a earthquake and saw what it does to a big tree.

 We went inside of a living tree.

We drove the coast line.

We rode up into the top of the trees.

We visited a few tourist areas.

 We were educated a little about the Redwood Trees.

We saw small creatures.

I looked for a leprechaun to go with the clover and stump.

We saw so much that was breath taking.

Another drive through tree.

This is a bird nest.  I have a video on of the bird coming in and out.

We walked in the rain.  Look at how big the tree is up to the umbrella.

You can see how big the tree is up to my daughter.

Moss and fern's cover this branch, making a walk through arch of green.

 After days in the Redwood Forest it was good to be on the coast.

This is such a lovely place.

This was a trip to remember.   My daughter is the best to take me on this trip.