Monday, December 17, 2018

California Rainbow

What a good day to be in CA.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

I Survived Hurricane Michael

I Survived Hurricane Michael
 I was not in my home when the storm hit.
 I was at work.
 As you see the selling
is on the floor.
 The hall is full of blown in insulation.
 At least the selling is partly up in the hall.
 This is the living room.
 Do you like my sky light?
 My grandson had helped me start preparing for Christmas when he visited me before the storm.
 The white specks are insulation.

 This is my kitchen.
 It is funny what stayed in place and what was thrown around.

 The view from the outside.

Below you will see photos of the hospital I worked at.

 This is the building they put children of workers in during the storm.

 This is my car that was in the hospital parking lot.
 It doesn't look bad but it was totaled.
 The windows were broken and the car was full of water.

 I don't know what fell on the roof but it took a tole.

 It just didn't look that bad, I figured they could fix it.
 This is outside of the lobby when the storm first started.
 We could see part of the building start to fly, yet people were driving in.

I had to work at Bay Medical Sacred Heart Hospital, so I couldn't evacuate during Hurricane Michael.  I was called in and had to sign in at 5:00 PM before the hurricane hit.  I worked my shift and it was my sleep time when the storm hit.
 Patients had to be carried down the stairs on blankets from the 5th floor because the windows had blown out and the floor was flooded.
 It is funny how in photos it does not look that bad.
 The hospital shook so hard that even the fire escape stares shook while the storm tore our hospital apart.

 Hurricane Michael did not pay attention to the sign below.
 This sign was under my car.

 This is only a glimpse of what we had happen while we worked at the hospital that day.