Friday, July 16, 2010

Looking for a Lawn Mower Repair Person

I'm so happy. I found a lawn mower repair man.
Coastal Small Engine Repair and Service , had Eric come over and pick up my lawn mower Monday.
He called Wednesday with an estimate.
It would cost $130.00 to do the job.
2 hr. $90.00 Labor. Remove and clean calibrator, clean fuel tank, clean spark plug sharpen blade and change oil.
1 $20.00 Pick up and delivery charge
1 $10.00 Fuel, Oil, Fuel Treatment
1 $10.00 Fuel Primer clip and vent tube
A total of $130.00
I told him to do the work and he was ready to deliver my mower that afternoon. I let him know I had Church and asked when we could schedule for him to deliver it. He said any time I was ready.
I could not believe how they were willing to work around my schedule.
Thursday he delivered my mower and helped me put it in the garage.
I recommend Coastal Small Engine Repair and Service, in Panama City, Fl to anyone who wants a lawn mower worked on.
Now I can do my lawn as soon as I get a new gas can and the StayBill he said to put in with the gas.

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