Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My little girl went home today.

The alarm went off at four A.M. and I didn't want to get up. I knew that in just a few hours my little girl would be on a plane going back home. Children grow up to fast. It is hard to believe my little girl will be thirty on her next birthday and that she has been married six months. To think that my little boy now has a four year old of his own. It seems like just yesterday that he was going off to his first day of school. Now he and his wife are going on ten years of marriage and have a child. The empty nest just hit a little. God has given me so much to be thankful for. My children have turned out wonderful. On the way back from droping her off at the airport I stoped at the beach for a walk. I reminised over times the children and I made sand castles and played in the water. We enjoyed the beach a lot while they were little. I still love the smell of the salt air and the sound of the waves roling along the shore.

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