Friday, July 9, 2010

When we have had enough

Today after I got home I looked at the overgrown lawn. My yard may be almost all sand and weeds but I prefer to mow it every friday or Saturday. I went in the house got a drink and called the number given to me yesterday for a landscaper. After leaving a message I decided to drive to a local laundry to search the buliten board for a landscaper. I found one number and a local free paper full of free adds for handy men. I had tired of attempting to use the companies in the yellow pages. I also learned the hard way to avoid the Christian phone book. A lot of bad people advertise in them and claim to be christian then take bad advantage of you. Im at the point now if you say you are christian so I will hire you then I will not hire you. If you say you are christian after you do the joy and you do a good job, I will recomend you as a good Christian businessperson. When I got home my friend Vicki called me to let me know she got her mower fixed and I could use it to cut my lawn. She had already cut her front yard but had tired out before starting her back. I did part of her back yard and did my yard. I didnt do the other part of her back yard because it was full of stuff and I was afraid if I moved it I might get snake bit. She had no idea how she made my day leting me use her mower. She was gone by time I was done. I put her mower back in her back yard but took my gas can that was half full of gas and put it with the mower. I will let her know how much I appreciate it tomorrow.

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