Saturday, August 7, 2010

Green Rice and Chicken Dinner

Green Rice and Chicken: Boil chicken and De bone
2 cups brown rice cook the rice along with
1 cup raw spinach the spinach in the broth.
1 whole chicken Add enough water to rice
2 cans 12 oz chicken broth so it will cook. Saute the
4 tsp virgin olive oil bell pepper, onion and
2 stalks diced celery celery in the olive oil.
2 medium diced onions Add remaining ingredient
1 diced green pepper to the chicken. Mix rice,
2 tbsp parsley flakes chicken and sated veg's
1/2 cyan pepper and cook at 350 degrees
for 35 minutes. serves 8.

Fresh eggs are the best.Chickens like to eat horn worms.

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