Saturday, September 18, 2010

Social Skills

The importance of a child learning good social skills is evident by talking to adults. Often when you talk to adults that are comfortable with telling you how they rally fell you often hear a sad story.
Often people are held back from job's, friend's, and eventually family because of being shy.
There are those that don't know how to assert themselves enough to stop people from taking advantage of them.
The awkward behavior may cause people to avoid situations that could improve their living situation.
The embarrassed feeling is due to poor self-confidence. Those that are reluctant to make friends but want someone to spend time with. Achievements usually are low because of the fear of failure.
There are people with bad social skills because they pushy and argumentative. These assert themselves so strongly with a rude demure that people decide to avoid them.
Those that do socially unfit stuff like scratch their crotch, pick their nose and sneeze in your face are avoided like the plague.
The rude people that talk over people, bump people and act like nothing happened or walk into someones home and start walking through it looking in every room or rummage through the refrigerator are often left out when party invitations are sent out.
Sometimes the quiet mousy type may have good manners but poor social skills so they don't get invited to social situations.
How do people learn to overcome this as an adult. People must teach their children good social skills when they are young. The problem is parents often have poor social skills and don't even realize it.

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