Thursday, January 13, 2011

Westboro Baptist Church should be ashamed

In my opinion any person that would picket a funeral should be put in jail.
For a church to do such is unspeakable. How dare they. What kind of God do they serve that would have them kick people when they are at the lowest point of life, loosing a loved one.
It is OK to have a political view but don't push it or your religion on others.
How would they react if someone showed up at the funeral of someone they loved and started yelling that that person was in hell and that they would be there soon.
As for the two radio stations that are being black mailed into giving air time to the church, find a lawyer. It must be against the law to hold a funeral hostage and that is what they are doing. They expect a ransom of air time. These people are terrorist and should be dealt with accordingly. They are spreading terror to family and friends of not only the victims of this most recent shooting but also of our U.S. Military that gave their life so extremist like that could have freedom of speech. Freedom of speech doesn't give them the right to intrude on the funeral service of a loved one, or anyone.

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