Sunday, March 6, 2011

A cat adopted me.

Yesterday I picked this cat up from work to prevent it from going to the pound. The Parkway Veterinary Hospital bill was $94.00 and I had to go get cat food and cat litter and all the other stuff.

It was like becoming a new parent for the first time.

The veterinarian said it didn't have feline leukemia or cat aids. They tested for worms and didn't find any but did a treatment for insurance. They did all the shots and kept it overnight so they could spade or neuter it.

Today when I went to pick D.J. up from the vet, I was informed that D.J. is a female. Apparently whoever owned her had already had her fixed.

D.J. is a loving cat. She walked around the yard with me today as I re potted my bell peppers and planted tomato's.
I was concerned that she would run off but she stayed by my side.
When we were finished with the yard work we came inside to bath. I took a damp cloth and rubbed her coat which she seemed to enjoy. I locked her in the bathroom with me while I showered. I would peek out at her ever so often and tell her it was OK. D.J. poked her head in the shower as if to see what I was doing.
After we were all clean it was time for lunch.

I mixed a bag of Meow Mix , Seafood Medley and Purina Chat Chow, Indoor formula and gave D.J. a cup. She seemed to like it and she didn't pick out certain flavors.

My lunch was a salad and chicken patty.

D.J. is in my lap now taking a nap.

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