Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fig tree and Blueberry Bush

My fig tree is about three years old but it is only about two feet tall. I give it a lot of water and put lime and fertilizer around it every year. How so I make it grow and produce?

Two years ago I planted two blueberry plants in the back yard. One is a Preinier Blueberry and I don't remember what the other one is.

The Preinier Blueberry is not doing well. It only has a few buds on it and it's about the size it was when I planted it. It should become a medium-size plant that will bear in midsummer. Average dimension: 5-6' X 5-6".
The directions said to plant in light shade to sun in a well drained acid soil area.
The other blueberry bush is looking wonderfuly healthy. Last year it put off about a handfull of blueberries but the birds ate them before I was able to get any.
This year I must find a net to cover my plants.

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