Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another fine day

Another day of fun with my Grandchild.  We went to his swimming lessons then out for lunch.  Our next stop was at the grocery store.  He makes me so happy that he is not one of those children that ask for everything in the store and when you say no, throws a fit.  He didn't ask for one item.

 After we unloaded the groceries at home we drove to the post office where he impressed me again with how he said good afternoon to the post lady and asked how she was doing today.  On the way out of the Post Office he had to hold the door for a lady and her little girl.

Our next stop was at the library.  We returned his books and sat at a table to work on his hand writing and reading.  They announced over the speaker that they would be making bracelets with children in the conference room.  He looked up at me and said can I go make a bracelet?  I told him yes and as soon as it was made he said this is for my mommy.
Next he picked out four books and we went home. 
He did throw a little of a fit when I told him he had to wash his hair.   He did get over it and when he was finished with his bath came out and said he was hungry.
When his mom came home he had to put on a puppet show while we sat at the table and enjoyed it.
God has blessed me so, to have such a wonderful grandchild.

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