Saturday, May 26, 2012

Root Canal and Cap and infection

I have had a tooth problem for about a month now.  My face and throat started hurting so bad yesterday that I called my dentist to make an appointment.  I had just had a checkup in March so I didn't think it could be anything serious. 
Well I have an infection so Dr. Kennon's office put me on Amoxicillin.  They scheduled me to have the root canal on June 7th and have the temporary cap put on June 13th.  Today while at work my mouth, neck, throat, tongue, and head hurt so bad from the tooth that I finally took some aspirin to kill the pain.  It didn't even put a dent in the pain.  I hope I can wait until the 7th.  I hate tooth pain.    I hope the infection will be cured soon and the pain will go away with the infection.
I have had a few instances of head trauma thanks to my xhusband and it caused my teeth to get hairline cracks in them.  I am wondering if I should just tell them to pull all my teeth and put in dentures.  My teeth don't look that bad and I only have only had to get one other root canal and two crowns.
My dental insurance doesn't pay much on this problem so I still end up paying around $2000.00 for the root canal and cap.  I will let you know the exact amount when I know.

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