Saturday, June 9, 2012

Caregiver / loved one

Are you a caregiver of a loved one?
This often thankless job can not only take a toil on your energy and financial well being.  Your emotional life also will suffer.  Your job away from work, your relationships with others.
OK, you know all this .  Now lets get you some help.
You should plan ahead to care for aging parents.
Oh you didn't and now the time is here.

Get paperwork and a power of attorney.
Find out about finances, (insurance, long-term care)
Plan who can help and when.
Reach out to others: friends, family church, neighbors, coworkers, other organizations.
Even one hour of help comes in handy.

Take care of yourself first.
You will get your life back.  Don't feel guilty, get help before you get burnout and angry.
Find something to make you laugh or smile every day.
Keep your life, you will need it when your loved one is gone.

Get your rest, eat right, keep up your medical appointments.
Get out and away as often as possible,  at least once every five days.
You must ask others for help!
This time is the last you will have with this loved one, cherish it.

If you don't want health problems talk to a friend about your troubles.
If you don't have a sympathetic friend talk to a support group to prevent burnout.
Do one thing a day to make life enjoyable if only for a second.

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