Thursday, August 16, 2012

Panama City, Florida Grandma visits California

We started with the Sherman Library and Gardens.  This has nothing to do with General Sherman. 
The Sherman Library and Gardens were named for Moses Hazeltine Sherman a business pioneer.  Mr. Sherman moved to Los Angeles in 1890  and formed the downtown electric street railway system.  Mr. Sherman sold this area to Henry Huntington his business associate. Because of Mr. Arnold Haskell's work and generosity of donating the Corona del Mar property  the public is able to enjoy the garden.

The Fullerton Arboretum offers a look at rare fruits, herb garden, roses, desert collection and much more.  The grounds  preserve and promote worldwide plants for education and agricultural heritage.
This home located in walking distance from the Sherman Gardens.

My daughter found this lovely bridge.

No trip would be complete without visiting any of the lovely beach's.

I always like to stop and give appreciation to those that fought and served for us to enjoy this country.

 The Mission San Juan Capistrano may have a high cost but it is a wonderful place to visit.
The damage caused by an earthquake caused the walls to crumble the Church in 1812.

The view is breathtaking.

The South Coast Botanic Garden at least seven area garden varieties. 
You may also like the long walking tours.

 The Newport pier offers a little for everyone.

Lighthouse on the beach.

In August I went to California to visit my daughter. 
While there she and her husband took me all over
Orange Co., CA.

Humming birds are all over California.

Orange County Great Park is a family fun area.  They offer entertainment, sports, recreation, arts and culture.  This free balloon ride gives you a chance to see Orange County from the clouds.

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