Friday, July 19, 2013

Crazy old Cat Woman next door


I have mentioned the old lady next door having all the cats that bother me.  I have already had to give up the hope of having a vegetable garden because of her cats.  Every time I go to mow the lawn I walk around with a shovel  first and try to remove all the cat fesses before I run over it and spread it into the air that I breath.  Now she has about twelve new kittens and more on the way.  This must make about forty cats.
Some of the cats have one ear cut but only about ten of them.  I can't walk to my car without one of her cat's all over my legs and tripping me.  My car now has cat scratches all over it.
She is about seventy years old and does a good job of feeding them but I know she doesn't get the shot's they need.  I am afraid they will trip her and cause her to break her hip. 
We have had rabies in Bay County in past years, I hope these wild cats don't spread disease.

What can I do to get the cat's a better home?

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