Friday, March 28, 2014

Tidal Pools in Corona-del-Mar, California

 I love all the shades of purple, pink and blue.
I am drawn to this rock but never touch it.  Looks like an arch in the ocean.

It is fun to look back at the homes along the beach.

The barnicles make it hard to walk on the rocks.

Even the sea grass is pretty.

Water is so calming even with sea life.

Can you see all the color?

Is this a big sea slug?

I have no idea what this creature is but it moves.

The bottom looks like a black coiled snake but the top looks like a belt buckle with a hole in it.

This is a picture of the odd creature attached to a rock.

You can see why I love this place.
This sea creature looks like a faded sunflower.

The tide is coming in we will need to go to higher land.

Walking back to the house.

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