Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Energy efficient Heat

People say Florida doesn't get cold. They don't know history or watch the weather report's.
Here are some ideas to stay warm on cold days without high heating cost.

Check with your doctor and fire department before doing anything on this list. Above all be safe and stay warm.

Dress in layers, wool is the best but it can be scratchy.

Keep your head and feet covered even inside.

Eat hot soup and drink hot drinks. Sipping on hot tea is not only a way to stay warm, it's also good for you.

Open your curtains during the sunny part of the day and close them when the sun is no longer shining in.

Put rug's down, even on carpet to help keep your feet warm and to hold the heat.

Put ceiling fans on reverse with the low setting.

Use a humidifier

block drafty windows and doors with towels then tape plastic over the windows to stop draft's.

Only heat the one room you use. For the winter close the rest of the house and bunker down in one room. You may fix your meals in the kitchen and take it to the room you will use for the winter. Just take any dirty dishes back to the kitchen as soon as you are finished.

Get out of the house and stay in a public place during the day. The mall, library, church... any place heated that you can stay for free and stay warm.

Get an electric blanket, warm the bed up before bed time them turn it off. If you have three or four blankets on the bed it will stay warm all night.

Make a tent over your bed to help keep warmth in all night and keep your face and air warm.

Now to help with the rest of your electric bill.

Turn off and unplug all the electric items you are not using. IE: TVs, computer, printer, microwave, VCR, DVD ...
Even when turned off a lot of electric items still use electricity. You will be surprised how much this will save on your bill.

When using the washing machine and dishwasher do full loads.

Hang your clothing to air dry. You can put clothing on hangers and hang in the shower .

Take shorter showers.

Clean filters to heat and air units.

Above all be safe and stay warm. It is not worth a few pennies if it will put your health at risk. These suggestions may not be feasible for everyone. Check with your doctor before following this list.


Sara said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! In Colorado we use these tips, too (and though FL doesn't get as cold as we do here, any time your temp drops 20 degrees, it's cold to you!)

Diane said...

That is true. I must learn to be content with what temperature God gives me. He provides for my needs so I will work to be a good stewart with what he intrust me with.