Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens

This near 120 acres of property was once strip mined by Humphries Gold Mining Co.

1.  Lake Loop Trail is an easy three mile trail. with about a twenty five foot elevation change.

2.  Jones Creek Trail winds through the Jones Creek and climbs the bluff overlooking the creek. This moderate three mile trail consist of bridges, steep grades and bridges.

3. Lower Ravine Trail is an easy 800 foot trail.  While circling the small island on the floor of the ravine relax with the quiet water and pine trees.

4.  Upper Ravine Trail is a moderate two mile trail that climbs over the south ridge of the ravine through forest.
5.  Live Oak Tail is an easy five mile trail with live oaks that are over one-hundred years old.  This trail has blueberries and native azaleas.

6.  Rosemary Ridge Trail is an easy one mile trail that crosses multiple habitats and vistas.

 The soil became barren white sand because the mining took all the nutrients.

 In the 1970's the City of Jacksonville, Florida acquired the property as a buffer to the water reclamation facility.  The property sat idle for over 30 years.
 Citizens saw the potential for an arboretum and organized a non-profit organization, which is now the Arboretum and Gardens, Inc.
 A variety of activities and programs of interest for old and young are here.  You may even take your dog.
 You may like to walk alone or take a tour. There is even a, New Moon Owl Prowl and Campfire night. 
There are six trails and they range from five miles to one mile.
  My grandson and I enjoyed the walk except it was a hot day.

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