Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Grandson and I at th Zoo

We visited the Dinoalive area.
We had fun in the Stingray Bay.
My grandson stop ed to enjoy the Wildlife Carousel after visiting the Splash Ground and Play Park.
The Asia/ Komodo Dragon Loop was a lot of fun along with the Australia Loop.
We has fun looking at all the birds and flowers.
He always makes me take him to the reptile house.
The reptile house is one place I would rather skip but he insist we visit it.

He has a personal relationship with the leopards.

I don't know who wanted to get to who!
OK lets just give each other a big hug.

New baby.
It is the same everywhere you go they charge extra for attractions.  We have a yearly pass to get into the Zoo.  The problem is we spend extra every visit on other attractions.  The stingray bay, dinolive, train and carousel all cost extra.  The only one I have a problem with costing extra is the stingray bay.  We bring a pick-nick lunch and eat in the car to save a little.

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