Sunday, October 23, 2011

How I handle three jobs.

I start my day at six A.M.  by reading my bible in bed while my coffee brews.  Then it is off to the shower, dressing in whatever I pull out of the closet and packing my lunch for the day.  Before I walk out the door I feed my cat DJ and give her a little attention.  I like to get to work between ten to twenty minutes early so I am prepared for the day so I arrive between seven and seven thirty.  My day ends at two for my first job.  This is a Monday through Friday job.
  Driving two the next job is the tricky part.  It starts at a quarter after two and with traffic it is a little stressful at times.  I try to remember that God gave me this job and if he plans for me to keep it he will help me get to work on time.  My employer said it is OK if it takes me about five minutes extra to get there so that makes it possible to make the twenty minutes it takes when traffic is slow.  Only working two day's a week on this job is fine.  With this job I make the same amount in four hours as I make in fifteen on my evening job.
       My last job of the day begins at three thirty and last until seven P.M.  This gives me time to go home and fix dinner before going to work.  I started out Monday through Friday with this job but asked for Thursday off since the hours didn't work with my two day's a week job.   On Tuesday we changed the schedule to have me come in at five thirty.
     What helps is having Saturday and Sunday off.  I am able to cook on Saturday and freeze my meals in small servings for future meals.  I am able to work in laundry and house cleaning on Saturday also.   This eliminates cooking on the days I work.  Sunday is free to worship God and visit with friends and family.
     Having good neighbors also helps.  I have two neighbors that work from home and two that are retired and like to see what is going on around them.  This adds not only to peace of mind when I am going to and from work but they all let me know that they keep an eye on the house when I am out.
     Sometimes I come home to have a neighbor step out their door and say, " Come over for dinner I saved you a plate."  Like I said I have good neighbors.  God put good people in my life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


diamondc said...

Wow what a work schedule, I do hope you are able to slow down a bit someday.
I am impressed that you cook your meals on sunday for the week I should try that sometime.
Blessings to you.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

I'm encouraged by you! I work in a bank and my hours are pretty long. Sometimes, it's easy to complain about how hard life is. Now I will work hard and just shut up whenever I feel like complaining. Thank you, Diane.