Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Property Tax

Today I went to the tax office to pay my property tax.  They had mailed my tax bill to another state.  When I asked how that happened they said it was because of the list the Post Office put out.  I went to the P.O. and had them print out my address log.  There had never been an address forward to the location that my tax's were mailed to. 
I returned to the Property Appraisers office since they are the people that give the address to the tax office and let them know it was not the fault of the P.O.  They eventually came clean and admitted that they had made a mistake. 
If I had not known that my property tax were due I
would have been late paying my bill because I didnt' get it.
I am happy I had the day off to straiten all this out.

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