Sunday, March 5, 2017

It is Time to Stop Violent Mobs Pretending to be Protesters

It's Time to Put a Stop to Violent Mob's Hiding Under the Name Protesters

I agree that people have the right to assemble and protest.  It is those that chose to commit destructive, savage, illegal acts that cause a problem.  It is OK to be vigilant in your cause but when you invade the life of peaceful law abiding citizens, you are going to far.  Don't you realize it is wrong to block the path to a business or street.
The brutal uprising that has caused controversy in the United States over the past few years must stop.  These unruly mob's not only hamper the day to day life of working people they threaten them with violence.  The injury, stealing and arson of others property is unsatisfactory.
These mob's that call themselves protesters just incite harm in a cruel way.
To hamper caring people from going to work or to the doctor is unsuitable.  The actions of these evil mob's should no longer be allowed.  They should be charged and if they continue they should be thrown out of our country for good.  If they cant stop the barbarian actions then let them move to a country other than ours.
I am disgusted with those that obstruct roadways causing emergency vehicles not to be able to save lives.
If they want to revolt and overthrow a government let it be another one not the United States.  It is time for honorable Americans to stop being idle as the insolent, unstable mob's use physical force to ignite an UN-American agenda.  If all they want to do is criticize our system of government it is time to remove them.  If we start barring the occupation of violent mob's in the same way they disrupt others we may finally end the insanity.

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