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How I'm saving money

How I'm Saving Money

My money
saving idea is nothing new but it works.

Avoiding  impulse purchases will almost always save you money. I work hard to not waste my money with impulse spending.  One idea I was taught a long time ago was to look at the money I spend in hours of work instead of just money.  If you don't mind working an hour or more for that small cheap item then get it.
I have a friend that attempted to talk me into purchasing a new purse that I didn't need.  Yes my purse is a little worn but it does the job for every day living.  I admired the purse that was at the store then told my friend," this purse is forty dollars, I had to work ___ hours for the money to pay for that purse and would rather save my money.  Let me consider what I could purchase with that money."  I also let her know that I was saving for something and every penny I put away has me closer to what I need."    

I have learned to avoid door to door salespeople and TV commercials even telemarketing because they tempt me to purchase what I don't need.

People tell me, " it is only a few dollars so get it."  Well if you only spend two dollars every day for ten days on junk but don't have twenty dollars on the tenth day to purchase dinner you wasted your money.

I try not to drive extra miles that would waste gas.  It may be silly but every penny will add up at the gas pump along with every wasted mile driven.

Sometimes we  like to have a treat but be smart about it.  Instead of dinner and a movie with snacks at the movie shave some of the cost.  Eat dinner at home before you go to a movie or instead of having popcorn and a drink at the movie just get a drink.  You can purchase a cheap movie at a store and have popcorn and drink at home.  

I don't use a lot of coupons but I do use some.  I only purchase what is on my grocery list and prepare my meals from scratch.  I have found that freezing leftovers in small containers gives me meals for lunch and those days I don't feel like cooking.

Shopping in season does make a difference on price. I  also save on my groceries by eating beans, oats, rice and going meatless at least twice a week.   Growing my own herbs and vegetables in pots on the back porch helps save on groceries.  

Unplugging my electronics when not in use saves on my electric bill and keep the house at about seventy eight to eighty degrees in the summer to keep the bill low.  During the winter I use an electric blanket instead of turning on the heat until the temperature goes below sixty. When the temperature in the house falls below sixty I turn the heat on and set the thermostat to sixty.  It is especially important to unplug anything that has a light such as TV, CD player and radio.  Chargers for your kindle or cell phone will also run up the electric bill.  

Doing laundry with large loads instead of a lot of small loads saves on water and electricity.  The less loads of laundry you do the less water and electricity you will use.  Air dry your clothing when possible instead of using the dryer saves a lot of electricity.

I avoid clothing that must be taken to the dry cleaner.  I do my own laundry and hang the clothing up to allow it to air dry.  Quite often your clothing will last longer if you air dry them.

How I stay warm during the winter:
I drink a lot of hot water during the winter and dress for the cold even in the house.  I use an electric blanket to get the bed warm and keep several blankets and quilts on the bed to hold in the heat.  After the bed is warm I unplug the electric blanket until the next night.  

Keep the air conditioner filters clean will cut repair cost as well as save energy.

Doing my own  maintenance on  appliances saves on repair bills. 

Checking the seals on doors, windows and the refrigerator yearly cuts electric cost.

I don't pay to have my lawn done I pocket the money and do the lawn myself.  

Feeding my pet the amount the bag tells me to use avoids waste and health problems.  Table scraps are off limits to my pet because they are not good for her.  This helps prevent vet bills caused by overweight pets with bad teeth.

I pay my credit card off every month to avoid charges.

Car and home insurance is cheaper if you pay it off every year instead of every month.

If I don't have the cash in the bank for what I believe I need, I don't get it unless it will help me make money or is a necessity for day to day life.

I don't lend money, If I have the money a friend or family need and ask for I give it to them.  This keeps people from borrowing unless they are in real need.

It is hard to put money away for the future but it must be done even if it is only a few dollars every month.

I do make mistakes but I try to be a good steward of the money given to me by God.


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